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Available MO'S DOG TRAINING & SITTING *In-Home Training & Obedience/Therapy Classes* PWC-0166815 in
{DuBois, PA}
MO'S DOG TRAINING & SITTING *In-Home Training & Obedience/Therapy Classes* 11:50 am, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies
Asking Price: $1,200.00  
PWC-0104184 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies 01:12 pm, 25 November, 2015
For Sale Shiba Inu Puppies for Christmas
Asking Price: $800.00  
PWC-0093143 in
{Pierpont, OH}
Shiba Inu Puppies for Christmas 04:16 pm, 24 November, 2015
Announcement DAYCARE, KENNELING, TRAINING PWC-0177154 in
{DuBois, PA}
DAYCARE, KENNELING, TRAINING 12:17 pm, 24 November, 2015
For Sale Puppies for sale - Several breeds from small to large! See our website! PWC-0117119 in
{Penns Creek, PA}
Puppies for sale - Several breeds from small to large! See our website! 12:33 pm, 22 November, 2015
For Sale AKC German Shepherd Puppies - Sel EX GCH sired - Ready for new homes
Asking Price: $1,200.00  
HealthyHartmanPuppies in
{Altoona, PA}
AKC German Shepherd Puppies - Sel EX GCH sired - Ready for new homes 01:06 am, 22 November, 2015
For Sale AKC English Bulldogs
Asking Price: $1,300.00  
PWC-0007061 in
{Westover, PA}
AKC English Bulldogs 01:32 pm, 19 November, 2015
For Sale Akc German Shepherd puppies
Asking Price: $800.00  
PWC-0043650 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
Akc German Shepherd puppies 08:18 am, 19 November, 2015
For Sale AKC German Shepherd Puppies
Asking Price: $700.00  
PWC-0015317 in
{New Enterprise, PA}
AKC German Shepherd Puppies 09:43 am, 16 November, 2015

Dogs Share |
For Free yorkie felmale 9 yr old PWC-0178313 in
{Cresson, PA}
10:38 pm, 27 November, 2015
Want to Buy jack russel PWC-0174498 in
{Venus, PA}
10:05 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale AKC Silver Labrador Retrievers
Asking Price: $850.00  
PWC-0075569 in
{Corry, PA}
*pic* 09:59 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale chiweenie pups r here .also have 1 female pom
Asking Price: $350.00  
PWC-0171159 in
{Bradford, PA}
*pic* 09:56 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale 2 male olde English Bulldogge
Asking Price: $1,500.00  
Twilight creek bulldogs in
{Mapleton Depot, PA}
*pic* 09:13 pm, 27 November, 2015
Want for Free male or female husky charles in
{Portage, PA}
08:01 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale boston terrier beagle pups
Asking Price: $250.00  
PWC-0163876 in
{Heilwood, PA}
07:22 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Want to buy either fox red lab or silver lab. Male PWC-0151332 in
{Cumberland, MD}
07:10 pm, 27 November, 2015
{Olean, NY}
*pic* 06:33 pm, 27 November, 2015
Asking Price: $550.00  
PWC-0182688 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
*pic* 06:28 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale AKC German Shepherd Working Lines Female Pup-Solid Black
Asking Price: $900.00  
PWC-0015317 in
{New Enterprise, PA}
*pic* 05:26 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Australian Shepherd Puppy Last One
Asking Price: $400.00  
PWC-0105935 in
{Hopewell, PA}
*pic* 04:49 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Puppies
Asking Price: $300.00  
PWC-0186312 in
{Leeper, PA}
04:48 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale AKC Purebred Labrador Retriever Puppys
Asking Price: $600.00  
PWC-0105055 in
{Panama, NY}
*pic* 02:32 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Parti Morkie Puppies
Asking Price: $750.00  
PWC-0077547 in
{Franklin, PA}
*pic* 12:40 pm, 27 November, 2015
For Sale shih tzu pup
Asking Price: $300.00  
PWC-0054634 in
{Sigel, PA}
*pic* 11:59 am, 27 November, 2015
For Sale AKC Shih Tzu Female Puppy
Asking Price: $750.00  
PWC-0061149 in
{Emlenton, PA}
*pic* 10:44 am, 27 November, 2015
For Sale Doghouse
Asking Price: $400.00  
PWC-0154498 in
{DuBois, PA}
*pic* 10:42 am, 27 November, 2015
Want to Buy ISO Chihuahua Puppy PWC-0095018 in
{Needmore, PA}
10:40 am, 27 November, 2015
Want to Buy tea cup or small poodle PWC-0020800 in
{Bradford, PA}
09:00 pm, 26 November, 2015
For Sale Pet Carrier
Asking Price: $20.00  
TKM in
{Kersey, PA}
08:49 pm, 26 November, 2015
Want to Buy Hairless puppy in Feb-March PWC-0150843 in
{Philipsburg, PA}
*pic* 07:57 pm, 26 November, 2015
Asking Price: $1.00  
PWC-0110481 in
{Strattanville, PA}
07:49 pm, 26 November, 2015
Asking Price: $30.00  
PWC-0186326 in
{DuBois, PA}
*pic* 01:53 pm, 26 November, 2015
For Sale large veri kennel
Asking Price: $35.00  
PWC-0160944 in
{Lock Haven, PA}
12:01 pm, 26 November, 2015
For Free 16 week old red bone PWC-0020793 in
{Clearfield, PA}
11:36 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale AKC Boston Terrier puppies
Asking Price: $500,700.00  
PWC-0112676 in
{Northern Cambria, PA}
*pic* 11:10 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale Beautiful Alaskan Malamute English Mastiff Mix
Asking Price: $575.00  
PWC-0186974 in
{Kersey, PA}
*pic* 10:18 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale Australian Shepherd Puppies
Asking Price: $300.00  
PWC-0174744 in
{Crosby, PA}
*pic* 09:35 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale Shih Tzu puppies
Asking Price: $350.00  
PWC-0189483 in
{Altoona, PA}
*pic* 09:20 am, 26 November, 2015
Announcement Clipper blade and shear sharpening Punxsyjumper in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
*pic* 08:35 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale East German bred shepherd pips
Asking Price: $800.00  
PWC-0006377 in
{Stoystown, PA}
*pic* 07:24 am, 26 November, 2015
For Free dogs
Asking Price: $0.02  
PWC-0156148 in
{Saint Marys, PA}
06:46 am, 26 November, 2015
For Free need for every home PWC-0174993 in
{DuBois, PA}
06:19 am, 26 November, 2015
Want to Buy German shorthaired pointer PWC-0188391 in
{Latrobe, PA}
03:00 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale Akc black Lab puppies
Asking Price: $650.00  
PWC-0091669 in
{Woodbury, PA}
*pic* 01:31 am, 26 November, 2015
For Sale 2 year old AKC intact Bloodhound
Asking Price: $400.00  
lotsapaws1 in
{Sigel, PA}
*pic* 11:42 pm, 25 November, 2015
For Sale Male Bagle Hound (beagle/basset mix)
Asking Price: $200.00  
Five Points Pups in
{La Jose, PA}
*pic* 10:32 pm, 25 November, 2015
For Sale blue nose puppies
Asking Price: $600.00  
PWC-0188843 in
{Cheswick, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 09:50 pm, 25 November, 2015
Needed Akc st Bernard stud service PWC-0026736 in
{Friendship, NY}
08:57 pm, 25 November, 2015
Asking Price: $200.00  
PWC-0189208 in
{Penfield, PA}
*pic* 05:44 pm, 25 November, 2015
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